Classroom Behavior Policy

     I expect the children to follow the school rules and classroom rules.  We are all part of a team and will work together to become successful!   We will do many things in small groups along with large group and individual activities.  I will emphasize teamwork, being respectful and polite, along with being responsible.  There will be rewards and consequences for their behavior.

     Students are responsible for their behavior at school.  I will be using a color coded behavior management technique to monitor students' behavior.  Each child starts with a green card at the beginning of each day.  If a child is not following the rules and is displaying inappropriate behavior, he/she will need to change his/her card from green to yellow.  If inappropriate behavior continues, he/she will need to change his/her card from yellow to orange and the last time it will change from orange to red.

     If your child needs to move a card I will sign his/her calendar (in their FISH Binder) with the appropriate color (yellow for a yellow card, orange for an orange card, red for a red card).  However, if your child stays on green the entire day, I will not sign his/her calendar.  If your child stays on green for the entire month, he/she will get to choose a reward (eat lunch with the teacher, extra recess, free choice time, etc.)

What do the colored cards mean?

Green:  Good behavior!  You are doing great!

Yellow:  Warning!  Pay more attention to your behavior!

Orange:  You have a consequence.  You will need to stay in from recess.

Red:  Action will be taken.  You will need to go to the principal's office or your parent(s) will be called.


     Rewards can also be earned as a class!  We will have a class marble jar in which marbles will be put in for appropriate behavior as and marbles can be taken out for inappropriate behavior.  Marbles will not be taken out or put in based on an individualís behavior, but rather the behavior of our class as a whole. 

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