Happy Birthday!


Your childís birthday is an exciting day for them.

 We will make his/her birthday a special one at school! 

We will celebrate summer birthdays in May.

 Birthday Treats

          If you are going to send something to school to celebrate your childís birthday, it needs to be a PEANNUT FREE treat or a non-food item.  Some ideas are pencils, bubbles, plastic sunglasses, erasers, play-dough, yo-yos, medals, or any small toy or trinket.  Most of these items can be found at Wal-Mart or a dollar store.

Invitations to Parties

           When planning your childís birthday party please keep in mind the feelings of all children at school.  If your child chooses to pass out invitations at school, all girls (if itís a girl party) or all boys (if itís a boy party) must receive an invitation.  If you are only inviting a few of the students, please find other ways to get them their invitation.